Ansell Edge $ 15.30process (inclusive0.30 for buyer party);SOP For Ansell edge

Price $15.30 inclusive $0.3 Commission 

-Buyer to provide Loi, NCNDA, ICPO if intermediate company involved, POF if required

Within 1day

-Seller will provide FCO

-Buyer to give FCO Counter sign and provide ICPO

Within a day

*After signing SPA-Seller can show authorisation letter* (As requested to seller) in Zoom meeting

Spa signed by both party

Seller to provide PI

Same day of PI Shared


Within 3 days

-LC needs to be open within 3 days

Within 5 to 7 working days after verification of LC

Allocation letter for complete order from manufacturer, along with required documents,

Schedule of the deliver is provided with quantity

-Material SGS to be intimated prior to buyer

-At buyer cost SGS for material done at the FOB Port Klang

-After SGS

LC cleared on the invoice value immediately

 If seller or buyer FAILS to proceed the deal after signing SPA and opening of LC 2% penalty will be applied.