ABO recent bulk trade project series

ABO project series:

ABO INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD is a series of bulk material suppliers, currently promoting trade items.

1, No. 45 and other sugar series

2. Soybean series.

2. More than a dozen edible oils such as peanut oil.

3. Coal series.

4, EN590, petroleum coke and other oil series.

5. Natural gas series.

6. Chicken and beef series.

7, Cranberry 300 and other brand gloves.

The spot and futures products provided by ABO are cheap and high-quality, and have absolute competitive advantages and profit margins in the global market.

Standard Operating Procedure:


2. Herbal SPA signed and IMFPA signed

3. SBLC/BG 1, the buyer arranges sblc 2, the seller arranges SBLC (the process will be supplemented separately)

a) The seller shall provide the RWA fund certificate issued by the financing bank and valid for one year or the recent transaction record.

b) The buyer arranges MT 799 to the bank designated by the seller

c) The seller confirms the past success stories of MT 799 and Show pass and GACC, AQSI…

d) The buyer’s bank issues MT 760SBLC /BG to the seller’s designated bank: transfer DLC or pay TT.

e) After 760 is confirmed and the loan is successful, ABO pays the signing fee (up to 1%)

f) After the buyer’s SBLC /BG760 is verified and the loan is successful, the seller will immediately provide 2% PB to the buyer’s account.

g) Buyer 12-month transactions can be made through SBLC/BG

8. Seller begins shipment in accordance with SPA.

9. When each shipment of the buyer arrives at the designated port of arrival, after inspection, the buyer pays MT103 (TT) for the shipment according to the details on the commercial invoice.

10. After the seller receives the MT103 (TT) of the goods at the buyer’s port of arrival, the seller transfers the ownership of the goods to the buyer.

ABO International Trading Group Co., Ltd.

Forklift loader with pallet of sacks in distribution warehouse

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