Luxury American Cranberry Products;Soft and luxurious. LUXE Nitrile is the first batch of 300 coated gloves on the market. It is our latest powder-free nitrile gloves.

Incorporated with our exclusive blend of lanolin and vitamin E. This formula is clinically proven to retain moisture to the greatest extent possible, preventing dryness, itching and skin breakage.

NuSoftTM formula provides excellent touch. Full hand texture in azure blue color. Moisture-proof lock
A proprietary formula coated with lanolin and vitamin E can relieve dehydration and irritation.
300 gloves per box

Ultra 300 Saver Pack reduces storage space and packaging waste. 3660 series 300 pieces per box

Size XS-XL 3665 (X small) 3666 (small) 3667 (medium) 3668 (large) 3669 (X large) 250 gloves/box

Pay attention to the epidemic and also pay attention to various long-lasting brand gloves
Only the local tyrant Cranberry gloves are durable and strong, not afraid of boiling blisters
Use 10 pairs of Cranberry gloves a day that won’t dry out. Mint-flavored green disposable gloves can prevent bacteria. Cranberry gloves can enjoy the romantic taste of mint. Cranberry gloves. Everyone uses gloves.

Cranberry Herbalife gloves used in American and Chinese hospitals
Cranberry special period is the gloves for self-use protection