ugust Brazilian 45 Production/On The Ground White Sugar 

Issued August 2023

A) Price:

1. TT..

2. $..SBLC 

3. $… DLC/LC 

B) Commission structure

1, Inclusive 

2. Mark up buyer/seller ;60% /40% – ($18USD/$12USD)

C) Quantity

1. OTG in Warehouse: 10K+200K+230K /MT in stock 

2. Production: 50K to 1.5M per month X12

3. Sao Paulo, Brazil

4. FYI – Production in south-central state of Sao Paulo crushed 306.94 million tons of sugar cane and produced 22.2 million tons of sugar,

D) Payment Term:

1. TT Accept (fastest means of receiving Goods). 

2. One (1) Month MT700 DLC/LC. 

3. SBLC can be Transferable or Non-Transferable. 

4. Contract (SPA) signing to ship time: 

a) TT transactions fastest 

b)  SBLC 

c) DLC 

d) LC

E)  Standard Operating Procedure:

1. NCNDA (Buyer initiates NCNDA if buyer requires) , ICPO, KYC

2. SPA signed and IMFPA signed if required

3. Buyer offers Verbiage SBLC /DLC 

4. The Seller shall provide the recent pass performance 

Buyer arranges SBLC or DLC/LC 700 Seller’s value requirements to the bank designated by the Seller. (Detailed Process in SPA )

6. Seller begins shipment in accordance with SPA.

7. The Seller’s transaction Price is CIF to release funds through MT103 after arriving at the final destination port.

8. Buyers can choose to trade FOB in Brazil and release funds through MT103 prior to leaving Departure port with a price reduction of $20USD (Must be noted prior to SPA signing).

F) Attention:

1. Seller/Name: ABO INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD/Distributor

2. ABO back to back over numerous worldwide factories, distributors, general commodity suppliers.

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