American brands have more than 200 -1000 million boxes of CRANBERRY spot gloves every day;
Because the daily price changes, the price is $7.5-8.5 USD/100 pieces, 300 pieces per box

Transaction process;
1. After not bypassing the agreement, the customer submits LOI PO+ POF,
2. The intermediary signs the commission agreement
3. After the seller’s lawyer and the buyer’s law authorize the American ESCROW lawyer, the commission and payment will be completed through the American ESCROW
4: Cargo acceptance Remarks:
A: The US-China Group is a well-known real estate company. Its Canadian ABO Medical Company signs a non-bypass agreement on behalf of the distributor or the owner. After that, the intermediary must provide proof of purchase letter funds.
B: U.S. and China guarantee: If you bypass the customer and directly contact the funder or Jin Dai, U.S. and China will not only bear 10 times the compensation, but also be willing to accept any form of punishment.