ABO INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC (1148739 BC LTD) referred to as ABO, is a financial and trading company registered in Vancouver, registration number 1148739, ABOGLOBE ,ZM  ,ZM BRAZIL ETC more than 20 companys is branch OF ABO GROUP,  ABO GROUP  has established a strong relationship with manufacturers and Distributors in Brazil, Malaysia and other countries The cooperative relationship mainly imports and exports dozens of products such as Malaysian  Brazilian white sugar, and chicken,cranberry gloves,

ABO completes the investment and sales of various bulk trade commodities in different fields through OTG, DDP, FOB, CIF and other transaction methods.

ABO engage in a variety of commodity trading transactions. In addition to the above main commodities, it also includes trade transactions of edible oil, beef, soybean products, EN 590, D6, petroleum, petroleum coke, diesel, natural gas, anthracite thermal coal and other products.

In addition, ABO also distributes and represents different types of PPE medical supplies, including cranberry from Malaysia, Cardinal gloves, and medical and other protective equipment from Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc., such as 3M 1826, 1820. Three-layer masks and other FDA510 certified products.

We have a dedicated financial investment and financing department, which is mainly engaged in the investment and financing of DLC/SBLC/BG and trade platforms. At the same time, we also actively carry out cooperation and promotion in the fields of private equity, real assets, private equity credit, and hedge funds.

With the support of the group’s lawyers from the United States, Canada, Malaysia, and Brazil, and the support of multinational governments and world-renowned companies, ABO has signed agreements with a number of factories and general suppliers for a series of products such as sugar and chicken

ABOs have had many success stories, and ABO can find  Ways to showcase our trading records and success stories.

Dr. Li Weizhong, CEO and Director of ABO Company, is from Vancouver, Canada. He has 20 years of experience in trade and real estate transactions, and has a relatively successful medical background.

Dr Li has studied Buddhism, medicine and martial arts from different masters since he was a child. In addition to Buddhism, Dr. Li also believes in Christianity, believes in reincarnation, and does his best to do every transaction for customers, no matter what the result is Dr Li will be responsibility.

 ABO INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC (1148739 BC LTD) 简称ABO,是一家注册于温哥华的金融贸易公司,注册号1148739,ABOGLOBE、ZM、ZM BRAZIL等20多家公司是ABO GROUP的分支机构,ABO GROUP已建立了 与巴西、马来西亚等国家的制造商和经销商建立了牢固的合作关系,合作关系主要进出口马来西亚、巴西白糖、鸡肉、蔓越莓手套、tributor 建立了强有力的合作关系,主要进出口马来西亚蔓越莓手套,巴西白糖,鸡肉等几十种产品。


ABO从事多种大宗商品贸易交易。除上面几种主要商品之外,另外还包括食用油,牛肉、豆制品、EN 590D6,石油、石油焦、柴油、天然气、无烟煤动力煤等产品的贸易交易。

另外ABO 还经销和代理不同类型的PPE医疗用品,包括来自马来西亚的蔓越莓,Cardinal手套,以及来自泰国、中国、越南等地的医疗和其他防护设备,例如3M 18261820。三层口罩等FDA510认证的产品。



ABO已经有很多成功案例,ABO 可以通过多种


DR 李伟钟博士,ABO公司CEO 和董事,来自加拿大温哥华,他拥有 20 年的贸易和房地产交易经验,同时有比较成功的医学背景。

Dr Li 从小跟随不同大师学习佛理,医术和武术以及金融贸易和投资,除佛教之外,李博士也信仰基督教,相信轮回,尽职尽力为客户做好每一笔交易,无论结果如何都愿意承担责任。