Tai Chi and medicine together-balance the human body to ensure healthTai Chi balances the human body, guarantees health, improves immunity, strengthens skills, Tai Chi borrows the energy of heaven and earth nature, uses the principle of slow breathing and the natural fusion of heaven and earth, and connects the power of the universe to remove the devil and eliminate viruses. Our medical products today In addition to using modern science and technology to resist the new coronavirus, it also strengthens its own functions through Tai Chi, taking over science and technology and the hand of God, and reducing demons and demons.

Taiji has two instruments, two instruments and four images, four elephants and eight gossips, yin and yang, and endless changes. Tai Chi has calligraphy and calligraphy containing Tai Chi.

In the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Sanfeng summed up the theoretical and practical achievements of the predecessors, and named this method of cultivation of the inner boxing as Taoist Taijiquan. Taiji started a trick, and turned the corner. The strength of the road to the dragon needs to be realistic. Standing in the middle of the body, with the intention to lead the air, the style is short and constant, and the spirit is closely connected.