$19.25$17.5+10% Total 100M 300 US CRANBERRY gloves trading program.

 1. Confirm the purchase quantity, the pricing of the batch, and provide the purchase letter and proof of funds.

  2. Send NCNDA (confidentiality non-skip agreement) the buyer authorization and the name/email of the buyer’s intermediary

 3. After signing NCNDA, send LOI, LOA, BCL, standard documents.

 4. The lawyer needs 24-48 hours to review/verify the initial documents 

 5. The seller’s lawyer will make preliminary contact with the buyer’s lawyer and arrange A2A

 6. There is a 24-48 hours “cooling-off period” before A2A. During this period, the buyer needs to complete the remaining document templates before A2A (if not Cage Code, it is Cage Code file)

  *(Ready for A2A call during this time)

  7. A2A call to show all documents/document verification

  8. The lawyer finalizes the SPA and closing documents

  9. Inspect the goods, transfer the rights of goods, pay the full funds