*3M 1860**Price is USD1.05 – All in* –  so basically USD0.95 + 10% commission=  USD1.05

Seller is a large Hedge fund inside the USA
Seller had  Purchased a 1 Trillion Lot.
Seller is now breaking up the allocation.
*MOQ is 1B*  *Stock is FOB*
*Unrestricted so it can be exported.
Seller follows *strict 3 M SOP*
Special requests will be denied.
Seller team will do through due diligence on buyer
Stock available today
*Commission Structure*
1/3 of the 10% has taken by distributor
1/3 of the 10% goes to the platform and seller mandate
1/3 of 10% goes to  intermediaries and buyer mandate
The last 1/3 is open for us.  So *intermediaries get half  1/6* . *buyer mandate gets 1/6*