David  zhong graduated from the Chengdu Sports Institute. He is proficient in Chinese martial arts TaiChi and Qigong and calligraphy. He also has a lot of research on traditional Chinese medicine. He helped thousands of patients in China and Vancouver. David founded Shaolin in Vancouver in 1995. Taiji martial arts qigong school, later upgraded to become a martial arts stunt school, the students entered the top three in the world martial arts competition, the school also used the spare time to provide action actors for film shooting, the main movies are,  Deep Riseing, etc., david left in 2003 Vancouver to China and the United States, returned to Vancouver in November 2017 to open the TaiChi Martial Arts Calligraphy School, mainly engaged in education and training in martial arts and Tai Chi, and also trained students to use Tai Chi Qigong and calligraphy to combine self-medication with Chinese medicine. .

David zhong毕业于成都体育学院,精通中国武术太极和气功和书法,对中国传统医学也非常有研究,在中国和温哥华帮助了成千上万的病患者,David 在1995年在温哥华创立了少林太极武术气功学校,之后升级成为武术特技学校,其学生参加世界武术比赛进入前三名,学校同时利用业余时间为电影拍摄提供动作演员,主要电影有,kungfu ,Deep Raiseing 等等,2003年david 离开温哥华到中国和美国,2017年11月再次回到温哥华开设太极武术书法学校,主要从事武术和太极拳方面的教育和培训工作,同时培训学生如何通过太极气功和书法,结合中医进行自疗。。。。。


Master Zhong 每周周六早上10-12点,和周日早上10-12点,在6341 14th ave 教授太极武术和书法,Master Zhong teaches Tai Chi martial arts and calligraphy at 6341 14th ave every Saturday at 10-12am, and at 10am-12 on Sunday.