Company Overview

ABO INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD is a medical branch of the ZM Real Estate Group

ZM Real Estate Corporation has been committed to tourism real estate development and tourism real estate sales in various countries in the world for 20 years. It has its own strong real estate in the United States, Canada, Turkey, and Greece.

ABO is the distributor and AH of factories in Thailand, China, Vietnam, and West Asia. ABO mainly promotes FOB, CIF, 3M 1826, 1820 and FDA three-layer masks and other projects. We have already had successful cases. ABO has Our own professional team of lawyers serves everyone.

The director of ABO company Dr LI is from Vancouver, Canada. He is the Seller mandate and Reseller of 3M1860 and 8833 projects in the United States and Europe, directly connecting with sellers.

This group will share the transaction information of Trade Special Medical.