ABO recent bulk trade project series

ABO project series:

ABO INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD is a series of bulk material suppliers, currently promoting trade items.

1, No. 45 and other sugar series

2. Soybean series.

2. More than a dozen edible oils such as peanut oil.

3. Coal series.

4, EN590, petroleum coke and other oil series.

5. Natural gas series.

6. Chicken and beef series.

7, Cranberry 300 and other brand gloves.

The spot and futures products provided by ABO are cheap and high-quality, and have absolute competitive advantages and profit margins in the global market.

Standard Operating Procedure:


2. Draft SPA signed and IMFPA signed

3. SBLC/BG 1, the buyer arranges sblc 2, the seller arranges SBLC (the process will be supplemented separately)

a) The seller shall provide the RWA fund certificate issued by the financing bank and valid for one year or the recent transaction record.

b) The buyer arranges MT 799 to the bank designated by the seller

c) The seller confirms the past success stories of MT 799 and Show pass and GACC, AQSI…

d) The buyer’s bank issues MT 760SBLC /BG to the seller’s designated bank: transfer DLC or pay TT.

e) After 760 is confirmed and the loan is successful, ABO pays the signing fee (up to 1%)

f) After the buyer’s SBLC /BG760 is verified and the loan is successful, the seller will immediately provide 2% PB to the buyer’s account.

g) Buyer 12-month transactions can be made through SBLC/BG

8. Seller begins shipment in accordance with SPA.

9. When each shipment of the buyer arrives at the designated port of arrival, after inspection, the buyer pays MT103 (TT) for the shipment according to the details on the commercial invoice.

10. After the seller receives the MT103 (TT) of the goods at the buyer’s port of arrival, the seller transfers the ownership of the goods to the buyer.

ABO International Trading Group Co., Ltd.



Currently we are  manufacturers, we are into the manufacturing of Chicken Paw and others

Chicken wing, Chicken breast, Whole Chicken, We are base in Brazil,Thailand and many more.

    Origin : Asia-Thailand and Europe

    Quantity Available : (depends on our cooperated plants ability to support at that month)


– Quality: Grade A

– Average Weight: 35-45 grams/piece

– Average Length: 12-15cm

– Freezing Process: BQF (Block Quick Frozen)

– Shelf Life: 24 months

Appearance Requirement:

– Clean

– No Yellow Skin

– No Feathers

– No Bad Smell

– No Blood

– No Black Pad

– No Bruise

– No Chemical Burns

– Broken Bones Less than 5%

– Moisture Less than 1%

– Chicken feet pad retained and without damage

Frozen Requirement :

– Blast Frozen at -40o C

– Stocked at -18o C

Package Requirement:

– Packing carton contains 4 poly bags x 5kg/per bag=20kg/per carton, or according to buyer’s request.

– Total 27 MT of frozen chicken feet using 40′ high-Q container stored at-18oC

Delivery Time : Within 15 Day -25 days 


Minimum Order: 30Container 

 Maximum Order:  200 Container Ton / Month (depends on our cooperated plants ability to support at that month).


$3000USD INCLUSIVE 300 USD buyer part commission 

DPayment Terms:TT/SBLC /BG/DLC 

ESOP :(For SBLC Others Can arrange


2. Draft SPA; 

3. MT760 draft sample wording

4. SPA signing and IMFPA signing

5. SBLC issuance process

6. After the contract is signed; 

a) the seller shall provide the RWA fund certificate valid for one year from the financing bank,

b) the buyer will arrange MT 799 to the seller’s designated Bank

c) Seller confirms MT 799 and Show pass performance and GACC ,AQSI…

d) the buyer’s bank issues SBLC 760 to the seller’s designated bank or pay TT 。

e) the amount of SBLC 760 is equivalent to a minimum of two months’ cash payment amount

f) after 760 confirmation and successful loan, ABO will pay the buyer an issuance fee of 1% of the face value of SBLC.

g) with the Buyer’s SBLC 760 VERIFIED and the successful loan, the Seller will immediately offer a 2% PB to the buyer’s account. 

7. The Buyer opens a SBLC (note item 6. e) above) for 12 consecutive months. 

8. The Seller begins shipping according to the SPA.

9. With each shipment’s arrival of Buyer’s cargo at designated Arrival Port(s), after inspection, Buyer pays MT103 (TT) for the shipment as detailed on the Commercial Invoice. 

10. After Seller receives the MT103 (TT) for cargo at the Buyer’s Arrival Port, the Seller transfers Title of the cargo to the Buyer.


1. Seller/Name: ABO INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD/Distributor

2,ABO back to back over 50 factory ,distributor ,general suppliers..

NOTICE  Three payment methods:

For products in short supply, such as sugar and chicken, if the factory does not have cash, it is 100% not guaranteed to supply products. SBLC guarantees our financing and loan cash payment to the factory. If the buyer cannot provide SBLC, the buyer can also provide a transfer letter of credit to help us For loan financing, if the buyer provides a non-transferable letter of credit, the buyer needs to pay an additional 10% in cash and part of the non-transferable letter of credit. In short, cash and spot are always the truth.

1860 Best deal Fast Trading

Brazil Chicken Paws OTG/CIF /FOB 

ACIF Price 

TT,$2800 /MT SBLC $3080 MT +Plus Commission 

BPayments TermsSBLC/BG/TT

SBLC /BG from world top 100 banks following seller Viberage 


1. OTG: 100 Cantainer 

2. Production: 10000 per month X12

3. Location. Province of Santiago, Brazil.

D100% TT (mt103) after inspection at Buyer Port  

EOTG/FOB can discuss 


1) Buyer issue NCNDA ICPO 

2) Seller to Buyer – Full Corporate Offer (FCO)

3) Buyer CIS/KYC (complete Information including Bank Coordinates)

4) Seller to Buyer – DRAFT SPA TO REVIEW

5) Finalizing and signing of SPA and IMFPA

6) The Buyer’s financial company provides MT 799 to the designated Seller’s Receiver financial company.

7) If the 799 cannot be issued by the Receiver Bank in 7 working day from the Provider Bank a 2% penalty is paid to ABO. 

8) Seller confirm MT 799

9) Seller Provides 5GACC NO, & 5CNJP Mill REG NUMBER If the seller fails to provide GACC, AOSIQ and CNJP NO, the seller will be fined 2%

10) Buyer Bank issues SBLC 760 funds to Seller Receiver Bank

11) With confirmation of 760 open and a MOQ 30M SBLC, ABO will pay Buyer $75KUSD 

12After the buyer’s SBLC 760 VERIFIED and successful loan, the seller immediately provides 2% PB to the buyer’s account, otherwise the buyer can forcefully withdraw the SBLC 760, and the seller will be fined 2%

13Shipments begin as per the SPA.


A. Commodity: Frozen Chicken Paws

B. Country of Original: Brazil

C. Price: $3000

D.CIF per Metric Tons in US dollar.

D. Terms of Payment: 100% SBLC /BG 

E. Transportation: By Ocean ships

F. Delivery Terms: CIF buyer port

G. Loading Port: Port(s) of Brazil

H. Destination Port: To be advised by buyer

I.Delivery Time: Loading starts within 30 days after SBLC issused 


Effect June-July 

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